Paul Sears has told us this: "As we lengthen and elaborate the chain of technology that intervenes between us and the natural world, we forget that we become steadily more vulnerable to even the slightest failure in that chain."

Joseph Wood Krutch agreed: "It is not a sentimental but a grimly literal fact that unless this terrestrial globe with creatures other than ourselves, we shall not be able to live on it for long."

Lewis Mumford adds: "To put all our hope in the improvement of machines is the characteristic inversion and perversion of the present age; and that is the reason that our machines threaten us with extinction, since they are now in the hands of deplorably unimproved men."

So we need a blueprint for an economy that will endure in peaceful stability, that will not require the war with the environment that leads to war with fellow man.

David R. Brower