What Marketers can Learn from the all-time most Retweeted Tweets

News 11:07 July 2020:

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We all know how engagement on twitter is important for a brands popularity to grow. However achieving this engagement is and always has been an uphill climb task for many brands.


But marketing sometimes has it’s own ways that aren’t hidden deep down in marketing theories nor possessed by those marketing consultant firms. You just need to conduct your own market research, do some bit of social listening and you may find yourself spending no coin while growing the engagement levels of the bland at a delightful level.


The question will always pop out. How? To get a glimpse of how you can increase the engagement levels without much strain we’ll take a look into what went down to facilitate some businesses getting to the limelight with the most retweeted tweets.


The Nuggs for carter campaign


Back in 2017, a 16 years Carter Wilkerson got into the limelight as the person behind the most retweeted tweet of 2017. How did a teenager who was barely out of school manage to pull such a string?

Well, carter wanted chicken nuggets. So, he tweeted to Wendy’s a popular fast food chain asking how many retweets it would take for him to get one year of free chicken nuggets.


This looks like any other teenager’s tweet or emails sent for the sake of deriving fan from it. Anyway, Wendy’s reply was 18 million retweets for a year’s chicken nuggets. As of the most recent statistics, Wilkerson close to 4 million automatic retweets. This is quite impressive by any standard. The teenager has been able to beat large brands and many Hollywood famous stars.


Though he wanted chicken nuggets, Wilkerson got fame too, more than what he had bargained for of cause. Despite the fact that he hasn’t achieved the 18 million ultimatum, Wendy’s has obliged anyway giving the teenager his wish of a year of free nuggets. Simply because they also got more than they expected. The engagement and popularity that the campaign developed and still developing for Wendy’s is priceless.

Lesson to marketers


As a marketer, such a significant achievement from a teenager should raise eyebrow. The motive behind the tweet may not be a subject of interest. What should be is why twitter audience responded with such an overwhelming enthusiasm.


What Wilkerson did is understanding the brand’s voice, and then capitalizing on an opportunity. These are vital lessons we can learn from the teenager’s achievement in a field with so much stiff competition.


Another lesson that may look obvious is creativity. Of cause, you post tweets that are well thought of and rich in informative content but there is something here that we are learning from the boy. Creativity in marketing strategies should be let loose.

Don’t restrict yourself to certain constrictions. As long as your content won’t involve volatile information that can cause any one discomfort, then you can explore your creativity and come up with authentic material, which is a strong marketing tool that enables you, build customer trust and loyalty.

4 Steps to Going Viral on Twitter


Going viral on twitter is by no chance luck. It’s a result of good marketing strategies aligning towards a common goal. Having your tweets retweeted can drive significant leads to your business. Firms that have had their tweets to viral can vouch on this.


The challenge however is getting twitter users to retweet your content. Below are some of the factors that you should put into consideration when making efforts to have your tweets go viral.


Call to action strategy


Making an appeal on social media always wins the hearts of the audience. Making the request to your followers to retweet your content is an evergreen strategy that is known to drive brands tweets to viral level.

As long as you don’t overuse the call to action strategy, your audience will always react positively to your call to requests.


Good timing


Twitter is a social networking site that is composed of users who have diverse interests and affiliations. As a brand marketer, the primary objective should be understanding your brand’s target customers. Learn their interests, any form of correlations between them. Understand also, why they are following your brand.

Such a critical analysis will inform you on the type of content to share, the form of content, whether messages, images or video and the most important, understand the best time that your content will get the most viewership.


A shop selling sportswear cannot apply same marketing strategy as a fast food chain. A sportswear shop will most probably capitalize their campaign around major sports events. On the other hand, a fast food chain will major on times when people are taking their meals, maybe an hour to lunchtime, before dinner or just before or immediately after breakfast.


Understanding the best time to post your tweets, of cause with the call to action appeal will see you earn more retweets and stand a chance of your content going viral.


Add value to your tweets


Value here simply means tweeting content that stands out among other tweets on twitter. Going through the most retweeted tweets over the span of a year, one cannot fail to notice some similar trends such as:

  • News and in particular breaking news
  • Instruction material and How Tos
  • Contents and promotional freebies e.g. discounts
  • Cautions

Tweets that included any of the content above received impressive reactions. You can apply any of the above tactics in a creative way that will appeal to the audience.

Social proof


One of the advantages or disadvantage of twitter is the capability of social proof influence. Social proof means the tendency of others people getting interested in your content since they have seen that your content has attracted the attention of many people hence assuming that the content must be good.

It can be a blessing to some and a curse to others because a tweet that has a lot of engagement will probably attract even more engagement while the one with none or minimal will most likely attract lesser reaction.


Having this in mind, you can make some efforts such as urging people to retweet your content so that you can get a chance of having your content go viral.