Most Tweeted Celebrities on Twitter Polls

News 12:07 July 2020:

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BTS, the South Korean pop band topped the list in 2018, followed by LeBron James, Kanye West, Drake, EXO, Ariana Grande, Cardi B, Beyonce, JiMin and the last on top ten is Nicki Minaj. It is interesting to note that the top ten underscores the wider rise of Asian pop musicians – this is evident since BTS, EXO and JiMin all were included on top.

What is more, Twitter has approximately five million users in South Korea; however, it is the universal interest in this latest wave of pop starts that has sustained their fame. It is not surprising why these Korean celebrities made it to the top since their world concerts are always the talk of the town.

Not only that, these Korean pop stars are not solely popular in Asia, they have also made a big name in other parts of the world. Their unique fashion and style are perhaps what set them apart from other performers around the globe and their concerts are quite mind-blowing given the majority of their audience are the youth.

Indeed, since social media users are the youngsters, it is not surprising why most of the celebrities who made in on top on Twitter in 2018 are also young and vibrant. Obviously, the top tweeted celebrities are the crowd’s favorite, most of them are known for being capable of holding spine-tingling performances whether in the field of music, film or sports.

Furthermore, it cannot be denied that a few of them have very intriguing and controversial life. At times, they are trending because of their quirky demeanor, statements that have caught the attention of the public and other stuff that many fans and people out there are dying to know. Well, this might not be a perk to the celebrities but this is quite engrossing to countless of their followers.

There are Twitter Polls that ask about the most favorite Korean pop stars that somehow spark some debates and chaos among other fans- surely everyone talks and partakes in polls to support their idols. Other fans who could not get over the unpleasant poll results would even exchange vulgar and awful statements on social media- again it may not sound and look good but this is what social media is about. It’s what makes its more engrossing and exciting.

These days, many fans look up to their idols because of various reasons: it could be because of fashion, style, personality, way of thinking, impressive performances, distinctive talents and skills and the like. On the other hand, there are also celebrities who are not that exemplary in terms of the way they talk and behave but because their famous, many follow them.

For whatever reason social media users have why they choose to tweet or follow a celebrity, what matters is that you do not defame or harm others. Social media is not intended for such purposes- users must keep in mind that this should be used in a way that would benefit you and not to displease anyone.