Updated at intervals in: The Wildness Within Us


                        AGENDA for a 21st Century



1]. Rescue Main Street from Wall Street

     (the subtitle of Democracy at Risk , by Jeff Gates [no relation]).

             "Argues for widespread ownership of capital resources in an era of massive disparities
                of wealth . . . feasible ways toward a broad-based prosperity around the world . . . what
                modern economy should look like and be for."    

2]. Magna Carta II: in 1215 Barons suffered; many more suffer now.

3]. Natural Capitalism[See web site] - (Hail the new revolution. Stress Nature's Services.)

4]. Natural Prosperity. Investing in natural ecological services instead of speculating
      in trashing them yields a sustainable society.

5]. The Natural Step, call it the new taboos; things your heart won't let you do.
      Scientific consensus on the earth's limits.

6]. Revive the Public Trust Doctrine. Trust an informed public to anticipate
      consequences and believe in holding the earth in trust for future generations.
     The Public Trust Doctrine saved Mono Lake.

7]. Establish a Global CPR Council to Conserve, Preserve, and Restore the earth.
     We can't afford not to.

8]. Reform I.R.S. and F.B.I. (to invest in protecting the earth as carefully as they
      profit from it trashing it short term.)

9]. Raise Expectations. Individuals and institutions can do much better --

      remembering Goethe:

"Whatever you can do or dream you can, begin it.
Boldness has genius, power, and magic in it.

10]. Organize an Ecological Council of the Americas (to reform the Monroe Doctrine.)

11]. Renew the Environmental Liaison Center, move it to Holland and influence a
       Nairobi office with a web site.

12].Help justice help the environment, send inequity out to pasture.

13]. Get railroads back on the track, to rescue the atmosphere by avoiding new freeways
        and airports.

14]. Restore: The United Nations, with the US paying its dues or lowering the US flag to
        half mast in New York and Geneva.

15]. Restore Tibet (to resemble the World Heritage Site, as suggested by the Dali Lama .)

16]. Franchise Curitiba, Brazil's model city, globally.

17]. Restore soul as suggested in the 23rd Psalm; help religions address new
       millennium needs.

18]. End the addiction to growth by curing the ecomyopia -- and sad lack of foresight.

19]. End greedlock, Anne Brower's word; which can abolish parking .

20]. Reduce Vulnerability to terrorism: address it's cause-- our being #1
        at many other country's expense.

21]. Stop denying that population and immigration growth are problems, address
        their cause.

22]. Let the Earth Island Family grow to cover Action, Law, Voters, Heritage
       (cultural and environmental), and Outreach (including library and archives).

23]. Earth Island Circle honoring, crediting and thanking the allies and alumni.

24]. Drain Powell Reservoir: which wastes water, pollutes, is unsafe, and generates
        the world's most costly electricity.

25]. Rethink and redesign or repent

26]. Imitate Nature's abhorrence of Waste.