Alliance for Sustainable Jobs

and the Environment


What will it take to rebuild rail? A lot of steel and a lot of steelworkers, for one thing. We must move in the direction of creating these jobs that will actually help make the world a more livable place for our children. If the corporate mind set does not allow for such thinking, then our first job will be to change some minds.






David R. Brower was gifted with an acute spiritual vision. His ability to focus that vision enabled him to see well beyond the commonly perceived needs of the moment. He realized that the most important product of progress must be in timely and strategic design -- the design of a sustainable economy. To this end he was extremely proud of his association with the:

Alliance for Sustainable Jobs and the Environment

The only efficient way to move a load on a road is with steel wheels on steel rails, yet many fail to grasp the importance of the efficient use of our precious natural energy and production resources in the mad dash to augment the gross national production of asphalt and oil, and SUV's planned obsolete before their first coat of paint dries thoroughly. There is no industry on a dead planet, and to circumvent this end my father concentrated his last earthly efforts on what he called CPR for the Planet:

Conservation, Preservation, and Restoration

It is time for another transportation revolution -- the restoration of our energy efficient rail transport system. The secret of the success of this massive project will be in the pride of the workers -- the pride in craft and integrity of design.

The ASJE is uniquely qualified to spearhead this task.

It was my great pleasure and privilege to work very closely with my father during his last years, helping coordinate his schedule and transportation, and with the design and construction of his personal web site, "The Wildness Within Us." His enthusiasm for the coalition of steelworkers and environmentalists was unbridled. He saw great Hope in the coalition, in a world desperate for solutions to environmental degradation and the causes of world strife.

Robert Brower

Wildness Within Institute