Dear Friend of Anne Brower,

We would like to collect and share friends' reminiscences about Anne, ahead of time, and ask you for yours. Our plan, (we are Browers, after all) is to combine your words with pictures in a small book about Anne Brower, a memento of her life and the day in March on which we gather to celebrate it.

I would like to ask your help with that event, and--or--with another project that's centered on Anne. With their deaths, my brothers and I have
a new appreciation for Anne and Dave Brower not just as our parents but as figures who played bigger roles in the world. Ken is working on a biography of our father.
Robert is continuing the web site --"The Wildness Within Us" -- which he and his father carefully constructed in the years before David's death. The site is the home of John Brower's new organic solutions web project -- "Green by All Means", as well as the memorial album for the Memorial.

I am embarking on my own project, an exploration
of Anne's influence on Dave's life and work. Here, too, I will need the help of any and all who would help me to understand and tell her story.

Barbara Brower


1913 -2001]

Memorial Celebration -- March 28, 2002