Green!  . . . by ALL MEANS 

John Brower

from Co-op America 2001 YEAR -END REPORT


In light of the continuing national emergency, our work together through Co-op America has taken on new urgency. Now, more than ever, it is important that we:

Encourage Americans to embrace the values of justice and sustainability as part of their definition of patriotism in the 21st century.

Conserve resources, shift to more sustainable consumption patterns, and preserve the bounty of the planet for generations to come.

Strengthen efforts to encourage consumers to support local green businesses -- the heart of the economy -- which are vulnerable to economic instability.

Continue to voice principled opposition to corporations with practices that harm people and the planet.

Create safe, healthy, cooperative, and secure communities here and abroad where violence and oppression are extinct.

In 2002, Co-op America has committed to redoubling our efforts to create a more just and sustainable society. We can think of no better tribute to those who have lost their lives and those who are risking their lives to protect our country than to work towards a world where horrific acts such as those of September 11 do not occur . . .


In light of recent events, Americans everywhere have been called to take up a new spirit of patriotism and solidarity. Here at Co-op America, we see this call as both a challenge and an opportunity for our work to achieve sustainability.

The challenge lies in ensuring that the work we do together -- to bring an end to unfair wage and labor practices in all industries, to preserve natural resources and promote renewable and sustainable alternatives, to nurture small green businesses, and to build sustainable communities here and abroad -- is not diminished. We must speak out against any attempt to paint efforts to build a peaceful and sustainable world as unpatriotic

The opportunity is to encourage a response to the call for patriotism that includes working to create a socially just and environmentally sustainable future. Indeed there may be no better way to show our deep caring for all people than to get our own natural focus back to the basic principles of sustainability -- balance, justice, environmental health, community, and cooperation.


Sustainability . . .