Green!  . . . by ALL MEANS 

John Brower


  Scenic Resources for the Future

PHILIP HYDE: Ten Peak Range and meadows above Image Lake     

The wilderness of the North Cascades is a national resource of the future, not merely a local commodity, and we need it all, as a nation. We need a number of protected wildernesses along the Cascade range -- the Cougar Lakes Wilderness to help take care of the overflow from Ranier Park, the Alpine Lakes Wilderness, the North Cascades Wilderness. . . . But we also need -- and most of all -- a North Cascades National Park. And that's the special message of this book.



  PHILIP HYDE: Sierra Club Camp at White Pass, Sloan peak
                   [Phil Berry, Bob Brower, Dave Brower, Pat Goldsworthy, Ken and John Brower (wrestling) . . .]

"The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil," we are told, "is for good men to do nothing." Some good men are doing very well; those of them who are in the business of transforming natural resources into commodities for the commercial world are planning ahead admirably. . . .

Photographs from... The Wild Cascades FORGOTTEN PARKLAND - eleventh in the EXHIBIT FORMAT SERIES

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