Robert Brower Memorial Resolution

The Board of Directors notes with sadness the death, on October 11, 2004, of Robert "Bob" Brower, former LeConte Lodge Committee member and son of former Executive Director David Brower.

Robert was involved with the Sierra Club at an early age. During the 1960s, he starred as the "every-child" in his father's nature advocacy films for the Club, assisted with the precision mechanicals on the Club's exhibit format books, and explored the magical passages of Glen Canyon before it was flooded to create Lake Powell. Robert returned to work closely with his father in David's final years as his caretaker and guardian.

After his father's passing in November 2000, Bob began to expand the website, of which he was co-editor, The Wildness Within Us, a sister site to the Earth Island Institute's website. The site, an exhibit-format website dedicated to the life and memory of Robert's father, was a space where Bob's aptitude for working with computers came together with his eye for natural beauty to express the exuberant love of the Earth that marked him as a Brower. Bob and his wife Shirley Richardson-Brower were active in the Berkeley, California, social justice community, lobbying for the David Brower Center, a planned center for environmental organizations and future home of the Earth Island Institute, to be located in downtown Berkeley.

Robert's passion for educating and nurturing the love of the environment will be a great absence in the environmental community. He saw beauty where most people may only quickly glance. May his memory and convictions live on in all of the hearts he touched and warmed by his smile, his photos, his willingness to help and his beliefs.