David Brower demonstrared throughout his life that one person
can make a difference on our planet.

Together we can act to restore the earth. Your concious choice to buy organic food is a prime example. This one act positively affects water quality, air quality, soil fertility and the quality of life for all.

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If we do not change the direction we are going,
we are likely to end up where we are headed.

--Chinese Proverb



Of all life here on Earth, we humans are the only inhabitants who do not live in harmony with nature. Thus we each need to find the will to change the manner of our taking, and learn to give back. We also must teach the next generation their obligation to the land that bears them.

Restoration is a fundamental part of giving back, and needs to become a matter of status. Restoration itself should be the primary economic drive, a way of life that rewards efficiency not waste.

We must also change our way of life. in particular, our "wants". and move beyond a "throwaway society" Further, this change has to be planet wide: from continent to nation, from city to town, from village to neighborhood; from every clan and tribe, down to the very individual.

Each of us, in our own tongue and within our own customs, can translate the following commandments and use them as the basis in maintaining and preserving Planet Earth, our home.


1. We shall live in harmony with all life that flies through the air,  swims in the waters, walks on the land, and that which remains rooted.

2. We shall protect and preserve the Earth and all living systems for all generations.

3. We shall restore that which has been damaged, especially the air, water, and soil.

4. We shall not multiply beyond the capacity of Earth to sustain itself and all life.

5. Thus, we shall embrace and cherish the Planet Earth, as we are born to it; and together we shall become stewards of its future.

6. What have we forgotten?


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          Thou hast multiplied the nation, and not increased the joy.     --Isaiah [9:3]


"Let's give joy a shot!"