No Bullet Train

. . . Through Pacheco Pass Wildlands

The California High Speed Rail Authority doesn't want an Altamont Pass alignment, despite the fact that the alternative goes through unpopulated open space in the Diablo Range.

The California Environmental Quality Act requires that routes be considered with an eye toward concentrating impacts in the existing most heavily traveled corridors. Altamont has an estimated 81,000 average daily trips, making it a better candidate than Pacheco for this and a variety of other reasons. . . . the route would save an estimated $2 billion compared to the Pacheco Pass, and would actually follow the Bay Area's most congested traffic route instead of putting the tracks where there are more deer than people. . . .Altamont also has faster running times between San Francisco and Los Angeles and provides years earlier access for East Bay and Central Valley residents. Some Sacramento officials and the San Joaquin Council of Governments have opposed the current high-speed rail plan because of doubts that extensions serving their areas will ever be built.

from . . . Is MTC Hiding from Altamont?
by Richard Tolmach









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