Although there was  no definite religious sentiment  mingled with it, there  was a continual perception of Sanctity in the whole of nature, from the slightest thing to the vastest; -- an instinctive awe mixed with delight. . . . It  would often make me shiver from head to foot with the joy and fear of it when, after being some time away from the hills, I first got to the shore.

                                                                           ---  RUSKIN


Five thousand feet under me, from the dark greens of the gorge

up to the brown tip of the bird's wing's

turned to the sky where it wheeled in pure thin air,

and in all that lay between,

there was displayed the overwhelming beauty of things

sharply strange and separate,

that from their beginning were entered into one another and oned.

How clearly this integrating principle of the universe

disposed and flung forth His power that morning.

His name men called God, or the Infinite One, or Beauty or Truth,

according to the context in which His works happen to be seen.

                                                                                    W.H. MURRAY

[Photograph: Gerhardt Klammet]