. . . Were you thinking that those were the words, those upright lines?
                    those curves, angles, dots?
No, those are not the words, the substantial words are in the ground and sea,
They are in the air, they are in you . . .

The workmanship of souls is by those inaudible words of the earth,
The masters know the earth's words and use them  more than audible words . . .
To her children the words of the eloquent dumb great mother never fail . . .
Say on, sayers! Sing on, singers!

Delve! mould! pile the words of the earth!
Work on, age after age, nothing is to be lost,
It may have to wait long, but it will certainly come in use,
When the materials are prepared and ready, the architects shall appear.

                        --WALT WHITMAN

                         "A Song of the Rolling Earth"            


[Photograph: Cedric Wright]