Angela Coryell, Age 19

Baring, WA



"An Oily Sky is about a problem that has been present in our small town of Skycomish since the early 1900s. For years oil has been seeping from an ancient storage site located directly beneath our school. Our film is specifically about the spill;; its history, hazards, and what is and isn't being done about the problem. In creating this film, we caused a stir in the clean up process. Some ideas of clean up have been decided upon and discussed because of our film, but little work has been done. Last year we won an award at the Young People's Film Festival in Portland, Oregon. After we completed our final remake of our film, we sent a copy to King County executive Ron Simms who came to our school and presented us with the Earth Heroes Award for 2000. The project has brought the problem that the railroad has been avoiding and hiding back to the surface."


2ND ANNUAL  P Brower Youth Awards